beard trimmer airplane

beard trimmer airplane

beard trimmer airplane

Not every man that wants to look good has time or inclination in their lives to be full-bearded. And not every man who wants to look trimmed has inclination or time in their mornings to shave. Many instead let facial hair grow out, then trim it back to a stubble beard, sleep and repeat.

Ditch the razor. But electric trimmers take time, space and forethought, cannot be used anywhere but the bathroom, and often end up leaving irritating long hairs all round your face, as well as irritating small hairs all round the bathroom.

So the Man-Mower™ brings a pocket-portable, mechanically fail-safe way to touch up your face, maintaining a single length and comfortably trimming away hairs, tidily, on the plane, at a festival or on the way to a meeting.

Genuinely a revolution in men’s grooming to get you looking sharp any moment anywhere.

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